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SAS offer 3 services to help landlords let their property.


Managed Service

Our current landlords would recommend our managed service which is competitive and offers great advantages. We don't charge any set-up fees and the cost of the service is as follows:
1-9 properties - 13% No VAT
10 - 19 properties - 11% No VAT
20+ properties - 9% No VAT
As the first point of call for all students, occupancy is almost guaranteed.
After management visits your property, it is banded into a rent category.

Landlord rents 2018-19
(rents are per week, per person)

A* - £73.00
A - £68.00
B - £64.00
C - £60.00

Landlords are able to undertake specific works in the properties to achieve a higher Band and thus rent offer. This system ensures that landlords receive a fair rent for the quality of their property but also offers incentives to improve their houses to achieve the higher rent levels.

We have a dedicated maintenance team who deal with all initial issues with more complicated problems being fed back to yourself.

We do 2 inspections of the property per year and have a cleaning team to get it ready for the next intake of tenants. Any unreasonable behaviour or damage is dealt with by ourselves. We also offer a ‘visit before you buy service’ where management will attend the viewing of a property you are looking to purchase with a view for us to manage it and offer recommendations.

We cannot guarantee we can offer this service to you but if you are interested please call us on 01792 295328 and ask to speak to a manager regarding the management service.

Tenant find service

If you like to be more hands on with your property, you could try our tenant find service for a fee of 2 weeks rent + VAT. SAS will advertise the property for you, conduct viewings, set up contracts & take the initial payment. Everything else is then handed back to the landlord to fully manage.

As with our managed properties, this service cannot be guaranteed. To discuss further please call 10792 295328 and ask to speak to a manager regarding the Tenant Find Service

Advertisement Service

If you would like to opt for our advertisement service, you can do so by creating an account via this site and follow the instructions to put your property live. Advertised properties go live from February 1st and will be taken off the site October 31st, to allow us to advertise for the following academic year.

The prices are as follows:

Registering online prices
Resident Landlord Letting Rooms in your own home £45.00
1 property - £65.00
2 properties - £85.00
3 properties - £105.00
4 properties - £125.00
5 properties - £145.00
Additional properties = £25.00 each

Properties are registered on a calendar year basis and must be re-registered every year (regardless of the month actually registered). The cost cover Registration and Advertising until 31st October.

We encourage all landlords to register their properties online, but if you'd like us to do it for you please complete this form.

Prices for returning the form are as follows.

Resident Landlord Letting Rooms in your own home £70.00
1 property - £100.00
2 properties - £140.00
3 properties - £180.00
4 properties - £220.00
5 properties - £260.00
Additional properties = £40.00 each

Next steps:
1. Register online or return form.
2. Upload the needed certificates. (Gas, Electric & HMO).
3. Enter Rent Smart Wales information.
4. Pay the registration fee by calling us.
5. Wait for SAS to vet your property.

We do not allow any agencies who would manage a property to advertise on this site. If your property is currently advertised with a separate agency, the advert will not be processed.

All advertising landlords need to be ‘Rent Smart Wales’ registered. Please visit their website for more info.

If you do not provide you license number, your advert will not go live

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