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Maintenance issues are best emailed to us at We recommend you keep a copy of emails that are sent to us should you need to refer back to them.

Housemate disputes

We always recommend students try to sort out in-house issues between themselves. SAS cannot get involved in disputes and arguments. However, if you feel like you cannot deal with the matter any further, we’d advise you speak to the friendly teams at the Advice Centre or Campus Life.

Tenancy issues

If you have questions or are hoping to amend your SAS tenancy, please email as soon as possible. Please be aware that you are legally held to your contract until a replacement is found.
A ‘Release from accommodation’ form will need to be filled in which can be found here.

Bills with SAS

If you take a property with SAS, you don’t have the hassle of setting up bills because it’s all done for you. SAS have a partnership with Glide Utilities meaning you don’t have to fully adult just yet! We’ll take care of it.
The rent you pay has a proportion of money set aside to cover your Gas, Electric, Water. Internet is free.
For 1 bed houses its £25pw, 2 & 3 beds are £15pw and anything above is £10pw. (All already covered in the rent price)
Students will receive a link around September time which takes them to their properties utility page. Here you can input your meter readings and monitor usage. It’s the tenants responsibility to ensure you keep in line with your allowance.
It’s important to note that if tenants overuse on Utilities, there will be an equal-split charge at the end of the year, likewise, under-usage gets refunded! (this takes about 6 weeks after departure to finalise) Please don’t freeze in order to stack up your refund – your house needs to ventilate!

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